Honeymoon Registry

Let your guests send you to honeymoon heaven...

Wouldn’t you rather have a perfect honeymoon than a 4-slice toaster or a set of table napkins?
With the Simply Islands honeymoon registry, your family & friends can contribute towards the cost of your honeymoon, as their wedding gift to you. Simply Islands will help you find your dream location & take care of all your travel needs. Your wedding guests then make contributions towards your honeymoon & turn your dream into a reality.  Just imagine… an exotic tropical island, a romantic sunset & a table for two.  Now doesn’t that sound more exciting than side plates?

How it works...

Once you have decided that you would like to open a honeymoon registry, please complete the form below.  We will give you a unique link that you will be able to share with your guests so that they can contribute to your honeymoon registry.  Guests will also have the option to purchase an added extra for your honeymoon, for example a bottle of wine, spa treatment, catamaran cruise etc… All contributions must be made by electronic bank transfer, for which a receipt will be issued to each contributor.  Bank details will be shown on your honeymoon registry page.

We will not divulge the individual amounts contributed by your guests, as this would be a breach of privacy. If there is a shortfall, then you will be liable for the balance.  If the cost of your chosen honeymoon is less than the money in your registry account, we can add value by upgrading the category of accommodation, adding car hire or travel insurance for example, or we could also issue a voucher for future travel.

Let’s make those dreams come true!

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